The Stretch Therapy™ method


Advanced & accessible

Stretch Therapy™ is one of the most advanced and accessible stretching and flexibility systems available anywhere in the world today.

It’s a comprehensive body-mind system that includes stretching, strengthening, fascial remodelling, neural re-patterning, and relaxation techniques.



Deep experience

With mindful practise you will experience a deeper awareness of your own patterns of habitual tension as well as improved posture, flexibility and mobility.

More efficient postural alignment and movement patterns will help to reduce common aches and pains, and also to improve athletic performance.



Adaptable system

Stretch Therapy™ is a complete system of strength, flexibility, movement and relaxation in its own right.

It is also highly adaptable and can be used to supplement and enhance performance in many other training systems and physical practices.



High performance

Modalities such as Yoga, CrossFit, gymnastics, dance and martial arts all share a common requirement that in order to move and perform at a high level you require flexibility, mobility and strength through a full range of motion — the very attributes developed by the Stretch Therapy™ method.



Release your own unique patterns of tension

Suitable for every body regardless of age or fitness level.



Most people think of muscles and tendons when they think of ‘what gets stretched’, but in reality, all aspects of the body play a role in what limits range of motion—and this includes the mind—our image of ourself, who and what we think we are, what we think others think of us, our emotional responses, and most of all, our reflexive behaviours.

When we consider these changes accumulating over time, we see the typically inflexible person becoming softer, more open, more flexible from a range of motion perspective, showing less purely reflexive behaviours, and a greater capacity to maintain equilibrium while others cannot.

So, the simple answer to a question of great depth is ‘If stretching sensitively, whatever needs to lengthen to acquire greater ranges of movement will lengthen—and whatever restrictions that you have created in yourself will change, over time’.
— Kit Laughlin, founder of Stretch Therapy



“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.